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POLITE/BIG JOINT Flying Squad: Rally at the Powerhouse Museum. 
There is to be a Cannabis Legalisation Rally commencing at 8 am on the 7th of September at the Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo.  

The purpose of the Rally is twofold; to protest the current Cannabis laws in Australia and to draw attention to the bias implicit in the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre.  (NCPIC) whose First National Cannabis Conference is being held at the same venue and time.
The NCPIC is NOT providing unbiased information to the Australian public.  In its role as an information service they should be providing information based on recent studies that indicate:
  • Cannabis is not a Gateway Drug1
  • Cannabis does not have a causal link with Schizophrenia2
  • Cannabis does not cause lung cancer3
They also confuse the problems caused by prohibition with their claimed harms of Cannabis use.4
They fail to provide any accurate or useful information to medical users of Cannabis via their telephone service. 
There are no pro-cannabis speakers included in the agenda for the first National Cannabis Conference, so instead there will be information available outside the conference at the protest rally.

A Working Party established by the NSW Government to examine the use of cannabis for medical purposes concluded in its final report (August 2000) that medical conditions for which cannabis may be of medical benefit are :
  • HIV-related wasting and cancer related wasting,
  • Pain unrelieved by conventional treatments,
  • Neurological disorders including (but not limited to) multiple sclerosis (MS), Tourette's syndrome and motor neurone disease,
  • Nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy which does not respond to conventional treatments. 5
 Canada has Federal Medical Marijuana laws, as do 14 States of the USA
The Netherlands, and several other countries in the world have decriminalised Cannabis use and possession.  The rally intends to highlight these facts and asks the question, why are we being left behind by our government through the agency of the NCPIC? 
The BIG JOINT will be appearing at the Rally fresh from it's appearance at Lismore hospital, where protesters caught the attention of Kevin Rudd as they appealed for medicinal use of Cannabis to be allowed. 

There will be some speakers and entertainment at the rally and a HEMP information stand will be offering advice to people interested in alternative foods, fibres, paper manufacturing and other associated Cannabis uses.  This rally has been recorded with the Traffic Division of the NSW Police Department as required. 


And information and links on this site http://cannabisrally.yolasite.com/

Powerhouse Museum 
500 Harris Street Ultimo, SYDNEY.
From 8:00 am 
Help End Marijuana Prohibition.
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