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After running a few trials with free blog services, I've decided that wordpress has all I need. 
Running five blogs at once, is too many. Deleting anything on a free service is unnecessary. Some media is linked to them still. 

 The Embassy and MardiGrass blogspot articles are now both on NIMBIN WAVE and all the other affiliated experiments, some are still networked to facebook and twitter etc.

The free Blogger service is very good except there is no access to the same level of server instruction as the wordpress program registered at a hosted domain server. 

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy and webhead, will continue editing; hempembassy.net | nimbinmardigrass.com | australianhempparty.com and we will use nimbinwave.com for incoming news and blog posting, connect with the YouTube channels, as a supplement for MardiGrass developments and the print program, and as an index to the extensive hempembassy.net web site. 

There will be no more unique content on Blogger or wordpress.com/. The experiments have ceased. 

Wordpress has many features that can help provide archives, pages, categories, tags and very sophisticated design layout. Learning to use the plug-ins and their functions takes a bit of fiddling. Finding new additions and improvements to the versatility of web design is an on-going process. 

What you found last time you visited, might be different again on NIMBIN WAVE. I am pleased to have access to good content and a new place to post it.
Heathen Jimmy Lovechild, Nimbin HEMP Embassy.

There is another wave coming soon. Sound waves, shock waves, waves of passion and Mexican waves all on.